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    Venture Connection is the paramount portion of the 3 Rivers Venture Fair. For 4 hours, over 2 days, 800+ meetings will take place between entrepreneurs & investors who have been paired based on industry, capital needs and other key criteria. Our unique pairing algorithm means that Venture Connection meetings have a greatly increased chance of resulting in investment capital for your company. This is a big part of why 3RVF companies have gone on to raise a collective $952+ million as a direct result of participating in the Fair.


    There is no fee to apply for Venture Connection. However, if you are selected to participate, the cost will be $99.00 for your first attendee and $198.00 for each additional attendee.


    The deadline for applications is September 13, 2024. However, please be sure to submit your application ASAP, as selection & pairing preference is given to those companies that apply early.

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